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Writer’s block

I’ve never believed in Writer’s Block. I always thought it was a convenient excuse for soft people who didn’t want to do the hard work of sitting in a chair for hours on end, wrestling with the thousands of words needed a create an entire book.

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The Best Bad Advice

Most of the writing advice I consider “bad,” isn’t really bad at all. It’s usually perfectly good advice that just doesn’t work for me. Conversely, my idea of good writing advice is probably terrible advice for someone else. 

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The Greatest Generation

My advice to my fellow parents is this: Maybe it’s time to look at our kids and the pandemic in a new way. Maybe instead of worrying about all the things our children have lost and missed, we could try looking at these hardships with a tiny bit of gratitude and a whole lot of pride.



This year I learned the meaning of word ‘endurance.’ I learned it by watching a show with my kids called, I Shouldn’t be Alive.

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This is My Tribe

I wrote this blog post yesterday in the Denver airport waiting to return home from the 2018 Romance Writers of America national conference. My feet hurt. My head ached. My flight was delayed. And I can’t wait to do it again next year because this is my tribe.

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